The Studio: Creative Arts Community

If you’re looking for a place to create, innovate and bring to life your boldest imagination, the Studio might be the place for you! Filled with students ranging in majors from the fine arts to dance and engineering to computer science, the Studio is home to all who appreciate the creative process. The Studio is a place where you connect, live, make art, grow, and learn surrounded by peers who share your passion. Equipped with a blackbox theater with a sprung dance floor, a room for dry art projects and a shared community space, there is always plenty of space to let your creativity take over.

The Studio uses its creativity to the benefit of the community. Residents will have opportunities to serve their community through the arts, by hosting performances and teaching others certain skills. The community is filled with socially-conscious, global citizens with an eye toward changing the world in which we live. Being surrounded by students of miscellaneous creative backgrounds, this living and learning environment is truly a place where collaboration fuels creativity. Residents also find comfort in living among a community of other student artists.


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Video Production by Aaron Granat
Still photography by Aliza Rand

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