Retriever oil portrait painting by Fernando Olea (underpainting to glazing step by step)

Artist Fernando Olea shares an oil portrait painting of a Golden Retriever, showing step by step the process from underpainting to glazing in time-lapse.
• Prussian Blue (Brand: Bob Ross)
• Ivory Black (Brand: Grumbacher)
• Burnt Umber (Brand: Van Gogh)
• Dark Sienna (Brand: Bob Ross)
• Burnt Sienna (Brand: Van Gogh)
• Titanium White (Brand: Bob Ross)
• Alizarin Crimson (Brand: Bob Ross)
• Yellow Ochre (Brand: Bob Ross)

Medium: (the underpainting stage was done with pure gum spirits turpentine, the rest of the painting: 50/50 linseed oil and pure gum spirits turpentine)


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