How to Paint Realistic Ocean Waves

This painting tutorial shows how to paint realistic ocean waves in oils.

Please note: any paintings created using my tutorials are not viable to sell. This is a copyright issue.

This original seascape painting “Dances With Waves”, oils on 36×36 inches @Fredrix Canvas is in a private collection now.

For inspiration and reference I used my friend’s (Mechelle Adelle) photo of a cloudy morning in Florida, but didn’t stick to it, I simplified it and added a painterly touch.

Here I offer an insight into my technique and hope that all my artist-friends will find it useful or at least entertaining. You’re most welcome to try out some techniques I taught myself over the years.
I used only 4 colors to create this cloudy ocean waves painting: Ultramarine blue, Viridian, Burnt Sienna and Alizarin Crimson (and of course Titanium White). I also used Liquin as a medium.
I really love and recommend brushes from my favorite supplier : several sizes filbert brushes from Aspen series, #9 Catalyst angle bright, 1/2″ oval mop from Velvetouch series and 3″ wide angle brush from Aspen series.
This painting took me 2 sessions x 4 hours and I let it dry completely in between them.

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