OIL PAINTING TIME LAPSE || "Blossom Rain" || Working process using silver leaf

The idea of “Blossom Rain” painting came to me when I found that small happy moment just like floral petal … they happening so frequently around us every day. We need to open our eyes to the details and relish in what we see. Find beauty in the forgotten path. Enjoy the little things that are happening around you and celebrate the small victories. Cherish the seemingly insignificant moments, and one day we will realize that these were the big moments. Little petals make big flowers happen – little moments make big things happen!

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My materials:
– oil paint from Windsor & Newton, Rembrandt
– 40′ x 30′ Wood Board
– Da Vinci Kolinsky Red Sable Oil Brushes
– GAMSOL odorless mineral spirits from Gamblin
– Silver Leaf from local art store
– Gesso from Liqutex

Music: Ruth Barrett – Glass Box, Ruth Barrett – Earthflow.


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