Crawdad Hunt: Oil Painting in Moleskine Sketchbook

Hello Art-family,
I hope everyone is well. This is another oil demonstration in a moleskine sketchbook. If you want more information on the tools I use and how I go about sketching in a moleskine with oil then check out the previously uploaded video with the cat skull. I’m going to start getting in to gouache and watercolor again but I just got a new palette in the mail and am filling it with colors. I’ve had a couple people reach out and ask about what colors I use and why. The next video I do will probably be a breakdown on the color choices I make for painting. Maybe some information on my go-to mixing combinations. There may be a delay as I’m up to my nose in a deadline right now for an illustration project. If you want more information on that then check out my instagram. Speaking of instagram. I post all my sketches there and often sell them through there. If you’re ever interested reach out!
Happy sketching!

insta: jaredcullum
twitter: jared_cullum


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