Plein Air Gouache Snow Scene in 4° Weather with Etchr Field Case

[If you’re interested there is an extended version of this demo that is not slowed down with voice over on patreon. I will be releasing 1 full length demo a month on there. ]

Hello Art-family,
Here is a recent plein air sketch I did outside. We just had a snow storm blow through and with it came some very very cold temperatures. This is my first real winter as I grew up in the south and it was never as cold as it is up here. We’re doing well so far. Our son’s dog “Cocoa” LOVES the snow and can’t get enough of it.
Everything I do is up against a timer, having kids, but I have never had a timer quite like my paint failing from the get-go. This was a fun experience and a great exercise in simplification and communication but I don’t think I’ll be running out in this again for a while.

Happy sketching,
insta: jaredcullum
twitter: jared_cullum


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