Passive Income Guide for digital Artists

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In this 3 part series, I’m going to share what I know with you to help try and change your life – and create sustainable and substantial passive income completely online using your digital art skills. Yes, You’re going to learn how to make a ton of money online.

I’m not talking about making a bit of side money, I’m talking about changing your life for the better. Most artists have it pretty hard out there, so I hope this helps some people.

And if you already have a course or product that’s struggling, this guide will help you identify its issues and how to correct them.

I’m not trying to pitch anything to you, I’m not trying to get you to sign up to a mailing list, I just genuinely want to help artists realize their true potential – and I think now is the perfect time to start setting yourself up for the future.

00:00 – Intro, Hi!
2:14 – Answering the most common questions
4:27 – Creating a Product Roadmap
7:40 – How to perform Market Research
11:13 – Some Simple Product Ideas
14:30 – Where to sell your product
16:43 – Other things to consider

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