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NFT Overview Video:
Overview of NFT Art Platforms to Buy and Sell on:

Boss Logic –
Beeple –
Micah Drew Johnson –
Gramatik –
Trevor Jones –
Mad Dog Jones

This video covers one of the most insane things I’ve seen in the past 10 years when it comes to digital artists and digital art sales. The online platform Nifty Gateway offers open edition artwork sales where people can buy art in a 5 to 7 minute window. After that window is closed, no more of that artwork will ever be sold again.

In those short few minute windows, artists are generating hundreds of thousands to millions in sales of their NFT artwork. This is forever changing the lives of digital artists, and also in some cases forever changing the lives of people who purchased art that has become insanely valuable in a fairly short period of time. While clearly none of this is financial advice, this is a very interesting and I think important space to be paying attention to right now. We’re just at the beginning of seeing what is possible.

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Intro – 0:00
Boss Logic – 2:04
Beeple – 4:32
Micah Drew Johnson – 6:57
Gramatik – 9:01
Trevor Jones – 11:14
Mad Dog Jones – 12:52
Final Thoughts – 14:02

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