Art Business Isn’t Working :(

Well, this experiment in selling art online just isn’t working out very well. I tried to get traffic to a brand new website that has nothing on it but an online store, and no blog. I used Pinterest myself, and my daughter helped me out with Instagram. Tons of followers, no visitors to the site.

You can’t sell anything online with no traffic. 🙁

The results surprised me, because just in the last 30 days my how-to site,, received over 15,000 visitors directly from Pinterest, and I almost never pin anything myself. My readers do all that, and the traffic comes in almost automatically. But that doesn’t happen on a new site with no articles, so people didn’t even see all those pins I added to my new boards.

Even though this experiment didn’t work, I’m still glad I did it. I may not be able to fix the problems I’m having with getting traffic to see my animal prints, but I did learn a new way to create a WordPress portfolio site, and I learned to not ignore the advice of experts when it comes to researching the potential traffic before starting an online business.

And, of course, I learned how much fun it is to paint animal portraits using Paint Tool Sai.

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