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Most artists and creatives can agree that their dream is to be their own boss and make money from their creativity. But the one issue with this is that many artists also believe that they’re not business minded. This is quite a contradiction because being your own boss and making money with your creativity revolves around building your own business.

Like many creatives, for awhile I thought I wasn’t business minded too! Until I read one book (Don’t Get a Job, Make a Job by Gem Barton) that changed my perspective of how creatives can make a living. Being business minded is not about having a crazy idea or having tons of money to start a business, it’s all about having the right mindset.

When you breakdown some of the most successful businesses, they all solve a need or provide tons of value with specific skills. You can do the same with your creativity! The easiest way to train yourself to get in the business mindset is to write down any business ideas that come to your mind based on your skills and interests.

The more you do this, the more likely you are to have an idea that can potentially be your next side gig.

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