Paint a One Layer Watercolor Landscape: Irish Hillside

If you are spending hours painting landscapes in watercolor, you need an intermission! Try this simple, one layer landscape scene that focuses on the beauty of sedimentary watercolor paint on textured paper.
In this lesson you’ll learn how to choose a limited palette of colors for watercolor painting, and how to use color temperature to create distance. I’ll also demonstrate how edges and contrast influence composition, and when and where to make a big, dramatic, risky brush stroke!

The supplies used in this video helped me get bright colors, beautiful flow and expressive brush marks:
QoR Watercolor Paint: Naples Yellow, Cobalt Turquoise, Cobalt Green, Quinacridone Violet, Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna

Escoda Versatil #10 Rigger
Scroggy’s Loose Goose Dagger Striper #1 from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff

Paper: Indigo Artpapers Wiropad 12×9 inch 300gsm spiral bound sketchbook with handmade, 100% cotton watercolor paper

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