How to Paint a Beautiful Landscape with Acrylics

Painting landscapes can be so relaxing as there’s not many wrong ways to depict nature. However getting the right balance of lights, darks, details, and depth can be tricky. That’s why it’s so important that we find the love in the process of learning how to paint them in order to succeed.

In this video I show you how to paint the glow of the sun over the distant hillsides, how to paint the trees, how to paint the rocks in the foreground, and how I overcame some challenges to complete this foreground and landscape.


About me:
I’m an artist currently residing near Bozeman, MT. I work primarily in acrylics and oils on canvas. I paint landscapes, wildlife, and anything to do with outdoor living or Mother Nature. My work simply reflects my love for the outdoors.

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If you have any questions about something I covered or maybe something I didn’t cover in this painting tutorial I am more than happy to answer.

Materials used:
– Golden fluid acrylics and Liquitex soft body acrylics (burnt sienna, titanium white, cad yellow light, quinacridone red, phthalo blue, napthol crimson, raw umber)
– Gamblin artist oils and galkyd medium (to finish the painting)
– Stretched canvas
– Various brushes I showed throughout the video (artist loft scrumbler, princeton round blender…)
– No medium was used for the acrylics


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