How to Sketch the Landscape Course
On the course you’ll learn how to quickly capture the atmosphere and mood of a landscape like an artist, and take the next step from sketching at home to sketching outdoors.

This course includes an introduction to the materials you’ll need and establish 7 practical principles for creating successful landscape sketches, combining drawing theory, on-location drawing demonstrations, and studio-based drawing tutorials.

I’ll demonstrate how to capture, compose, and balance the scene in front of you and take your ideas back to the studio for further refinement.

What are the topics the course covers?

The course is split into 7 downloadable video lessons that can be tackled daily or study one lesson every weekend to give yourself a continuity in your sketching practice

Topics include:

Assembling your materials
Integrating proportion, scale, and perspective
Thinking inside a frame
Drawing with light and shade
Sketching with a painting in mind
Capturing changing conditions
Drawing rocks, buildings, trees, and more
Creating mood and atmosphere
Putting it all together in the studio


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