How to Draw Trees – Tutorial

Learn how to sketch simple trees for a landscape drawing and how to draw a more detailed tree as part of a study in itself. This is the fourth lesson in a series of lessons that Phil is filming from home whilst isolating from Coronavirus.

*** Video Sections ***
2min 25sec – Sketching Simple Tree Shapes
15min 03sec – Sketching A More Detailed Tree
28min 21sec – Sketching A Tree Trunk: Part 1 – The Lay In
41min 34sec – Sketching A Tree Trunk: Part 2 – Shading

*** Reference Photos ***
1. Detailed Tree Reference Photo:
2. Detailed Tree Final Sketch:
3. Tree Trunk Reference (black & white):
4. Tree Trunk Reference (Colour):
5. Tree Trunk Final Sketch:
6. Sketching Simple Trees Cheatsheet:

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