Figure-Drawing Tips from Jazza

Drawing anatomy may seem advanced, but it’s all about mastering a few simple techniques. Here, Josiah “Jazza” Brooks shares how to draw bodies by starting with individual segments. He defines “blocking” and “reverse blocking,” two go-to illustration methods, and shares other figure-drawing tips along the way. For more in-depth instruction on drawing anatomy—and a four-week program follow for practice—join Jazza on Skillshare for 28-Day Drawing Challenge: Anatomy for Illustration and Comics, his latest Skillshare Original:



00:00 Meet Jazza
00:27 Drawing Anatomy: Basic Blocking with Jazza
00:39 What Is Reverse Blocking?
01:40 How Do You Block? A Sample Drawing
03:42 Your Turn: Draw 2-3 Blocked Poses
04:08 Join Jazza on Skillshare



Whether you want to draw super muscular superheroes or more true-to-life characters, understanding anatomy is critical when drawing bodies—yet it can be one of the most challenging subjects to master as an artist. Throughout this challenge, illustrator and animator Josiah “Jazza” Brooks will break it down to the basics and make drawing human anatomy as easy as possible.

To start, you’ll get an overview of Jazza’s three-step process for drawing realistic bodies, learning the basic blocking techniques that will support you throughout the class. After that, a new lesson will be released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until September 27th, going through each core area of the body—the arms, legs, torso, and back—and giving you a crash course on the form of the anatomy (the general muscle structures) as well as the function (how those muscles change as the body moves). Finally, you’ll spend the last four lessons bringing it all together for some impressively accurate full-body illustrations.

By taking the time to practice each muscle group over the course of this 28-day challenge, you’ll walk away able to draw bodies without batting an eye. Take the first few lessons now to be notified as soon as new lessons are posted.



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Josiah Brooks (aka Jazza) is an artist, animator, social media personality, author, and television presenter. He is the face and creative mind behind the popular art YouTube channel ‘Draw With Jazza’, a highly subscribed and viewed channel filled with tutorials, art challenges, and competitions.

His popular art style, technical knowledge, and relatable personality meant his channel grew quickly, even as he continued to focus on art and animation using Photoshop and Animate CC. His social media presence on other platforms has grown, too: Thanks to his large Twitch following, he regularly livestreams on ‘Live With Jazza’, creating art in real-time online. He presented and co-created a children’s television art show, ‘Cartoon It Up’ produced by the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Josiah also founded Jazza Studios, a successful website selling eBooks and digital art resources.



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