Is social media killing creativity? – Tomorrow’s World – BBC

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Radio 1 Life Hacks presenter Katie Thistleton is on a mission to find out if we can ‘hack’ the way we use social media to make it work better for our mental health. The secret could be creativity. During the Get Creative festival, she meets Instagrammers Ty, Sarah and Hannah who are actively curating a positive online experience through creativity.

Ty was recently the Instagrammer in residence at the Barbican who finds photography a great source of relaxation away from the stresses of work. Sarah is a student who has met some of her best friends through ‘gramming’ her portfolio. And Hannah Daisy’s reflective illustrations depict self-care as she finds that art and sharing online helps her and improves her own mental health.

Wellcome Fellow and BBC New Generation Thinker Dr Daisy Fancourt explains how creativity yields benefits for mental health and discusses her latest research project, The Great British Creativity Test. Cambridge University neuroscientist Dr Becky Inkster explains the positive and negative impacts of social media and suggests creativity may be the key to a positive social media experience.



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