Hyper Realism: Digitally painting a cat in Photoshop

Here is another one of my realism exercises. My cat.
Realtime was about 2 hours.

Been posting a lot of these realism demos, and it is resurrecting the age old question:
What’s the point? (i.e. why not just take a picture? Or— where is the artist value? And so on…)

First: Painting photo realism conditions you. It trains you. Just like a musician practicing scales, or even imitating a song written by someone else. It improves your chops. But it Also trains your mind’s eye to observe details you take for granted in everyday real life. (Such as hues and colors you did not realize were there when you glance at everyday objects and living things). It also teaches you form, and structure— all the way down the nitty gritty of the finest details.

Second: I do it because it does have commercial value. As a commercial illustrator, I am called upon MANY times to do a job because of my ability to do this. Whether it is photo retouching, or simply the need for a total photo real illustration. The work exists. Been doing them for years. 🙂

Third: It entertains. It has value in that people like watching it. It is a skill that most people appreciate when they watch it being done. And as a freelance artist who is always looking for new clients, it is important for me to make these, and share them. 🙂

So there you go. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the vid, those of you who like this kind of thing. 🙂 and those who keep asking why— I hope my answer helps you out. Thanks!


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