Memento | SPEEDPAINT | Photoshop CC

Portrait commission for Thunderous-Roar on Deviantart of their character, Nutmeg!

Time: 6 hrs



Here’s where to find me everywhere else!
INSTAGRAM: @clockbirds & @cakebirds


Music Credits

Song: Mike Leite – A.L.O.N.E.
Music provided by Audio Library.

Song: Pyrosion – Up Above
Music provided by Audio Library.


Tools Used

I use Adobe Photoshop CC for painting and editing my illustrations. Many of my older speedpaints were done in a free digital program called Medibang Paint (which I highly recommend for beginner artists!). I switched to using Photoshop as my main art program in late 2018 to further improve my work. My tablet is the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13, which I purchased in 2016. I record my screen using OBS and edit all my videos in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro CC:
Recording software:
Wacom Mobile Studio Pro:



How long did this take?
It varies! If it’s a five minute long video, then between 3 to 4 hours. If its between 7-10 minutes, it was probably a bigger piece which can take anywhere between 10-15 hours.

Where did you get your brushes?
Most of the brushes you see me use are with from the Kyle Brush packs (mainly the ‘Real Oils’ from the Megapack, available to all Photoshop CC users) or from Andreas Rocha’s brush pack (given out as a Patreon reward).

What canvas size do you draw on?
My canvas size is usually around 3000px on the short side and upwards of 5000px on the long side. With a resolution of around 300 – 350 dpi.

How do I commission you?
I open commissions around 3 times a year and accept in batches of 10-15. For all my prices and info, visit:

…and for more FAQs go to:


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