How to Paint a Still Life in Oil Paint – Part 1: Underpainting and Grisaille

In this three part series, I take you through the creation, start to finish, of a still life executed in oil paint using the grisaille and glaze technique. Learn all about underpainting and grisaille in part one of this tutorial.

Part two coming next week!

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Paint: Charvin Extra Fine Oil Paint
Paint Brushes: Charvin #12 Red Sable Bright, Charvin #3 Bristle Round, 1/8″ Vienna Flat Angle, 0 Lowe-Cornell Liner 7350
Canvas: Centurion OP DLX Oil Primed Linen Canvas
Brush Cleaner: Chelsea Classical Studio Brush Cleaner
Baby Wipes: Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes


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