How to paint a Portrait with Oils?

Hey, lovelies! I painted a new oil study for you and made it easy and beginner-friendly! ^^ I hope you enjoy it! ๐Ÿ˜€

You can buy my oil painting โ€œFรฉrocitรฉโ€ here:

โ€ฃ w a t c h t h e r e a l โ€“ t i m e p a i n t i ng l e s s o n s

1 h 20 min step-by-step (fully narrated):
1 h 40 min real-time (not-narrated):
โ€ฃ Lessons include my reference photo, sketch, and access to all my other painting lessons on Patreon!

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Tracing Paper (Amzn US / DE): /
Safflower Oil (Amzn US/DE): /
Liquin Original (Amzn US/DE): /
Tear-Off Palette (Amzn US/DE): /
Naples Yellow Warm (Amzn US/ DE): /
Ivory Black (Amzn US/ DE):
Titanium White (Amzn US/ DE): /
Burnt Sienna (Amzn US/ DE): /
Yellow Ochre (Amzn US/ DE): /
Viridian (Amzn US/ DE): /
Permanent red Violet (Amzn US/ DE):
Cadmium Red Deep (Amzn US/ DE):
Cadmium Orange
Prussian Blue (Amzn US):
Schmincke Norma Ultramarine Blue
Schmincke Norma Lemon Yellow
Schmincke Norma Sevres Blue


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Acrylic Primed Linen Panel 8ร—8:
Trekell Golden Taklon Brush Bright: 12, 16, 20:
Trekell Golden Taklon Brush Round: 2, 4, 6:

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