HOW TO ACHIEVE A LIKENESS in Portrait – Yupari

In today’s video we will return to the larger transfer drawing we started earlier this week. We will start to develop some of the shapes of light and dark for the portrait. We’ll add in a few half tones here and there, but the primary focus is on simple shape. I will also throw in some key factors towards achieving a “likeness of the model”. This means figuring out what information is most important in making the drawing look like the model.

Tomorrow we will develop the hands. See you again soon!

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The materials used in this video are listed below,

Charcoal: Nitram Fusains B 5mm
Erasing Cloth: chamois cloth
Paper: 19×25″ Cream Canson Mi-Teintes. Two sheets were layered onto one another to create a 24×24″ size.


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