Rule of Thirds – Portrait Painting Tip

For those familiar with Andrew Loomis and his drawing books from the 1940’s may also be familiar with the Loomis Head, which is a construction of shapes that help draw the head.⠀

One aspect of this construction is that the proportion from the top of the forehead to the browline, is roughly equal distant to the browline to base of the nose and the nose to the bottom of the chin. This is known as the rule of thirds (not to be confused with the compositional law of thirds). While everyone’s face is a bit different, and these proportions change from person to person, it is a useful guide to initiate the face drawing and to help catch issues with proportion.⠀

Let me know if you find this Tip helpful. You all are doing great and keep up the challenge.⠀

Model: Rebecca Galbiati Del Duca


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