How To Draw Perspective – Drawing Two Point Perspective

Perspective is basically the art of making 2 dimensional drawings look 3 dimensional.

And it’s extremely important in figure drawing because as soon as you want to draw a figure in any other position than the standard front view, you need to understand how perspective will change that way that figure look. Otherwise, your drawings will never look realistic.

For example, here’s a drawing of a brick without the use of perspective.

I looks flat and very uninteresting.

Now, here’s the same brick drawn with the use of perspective.

It looks much more realistic and fun to look at. That’s how much of a difference a little bit of perspective can make.

Now, perspective can be a very complex subject so we won’t be able to cover everything in this short video. But I will try to do my best to give you a crash course and teach you the most important elements that will make the biggest difference to your drawing.

Then, we’ll go through a step-by-step practical exercise and show you how to draw your first 3 dimensional figure.

Ok, let’s begin.


So now that you know the basic rules of perspective, you’ll be able to transfer this knowledge into your figure drawing to create more dynamic and interesting work.

Which is exactly what we are going to do in tomorrow’s lesson. I’m going to show you step-by-step how to apply what you just learn to draw a 3 dimensional human figure in perspective.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, it’s Ethan again and welcome back to the 3rd video in this lesson series on figure drawing.

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