Learn to Draw in Procreate // Sketching Birds

Don’t know where to begin when drawing our feathered friends?

In this Procreate tutorial, you’ll learn the basic form and structure of drawing birds by making a series of sketches from reference photos.

Drawing upon techniques learned in my Foundations of Style Procreate tutorial, learn all about how to simplify the bird form into simple shapes and develop the perfect sketch for creating some birdie art.

You are going to fowl in love with drawing birds!

Brushes used:
For sketches // Texturrific Liners (Primo Ink Liner):


For final bird art // Dry Brush Paintbox:


More brushes available at https://bardotbrush.com

Foundations of Style: https://youtu.be/lipLpRoh8YM
Intro to Procreate Tutorial: https://youtu.be/EI-ToB0tG9A

I believe that creativity can make a profound impact on people’s lives, no matter their skill level.

If I could offer one piece of advice about establishing a daily art-making habit, it would be to make it as easy as possible for you to create.

Make your tools accessible, and remove any barriers that might stop you from doing it.

With the iPad and Procreate, you have hundreds of tools and every color imaginable at your disposal.

Make art anytime, anywhere.

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