Sketching an Idea in my new Sketchbook

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Hello Everynyan~ Transotype sended me their SenseBook so this is not a review, but I want to tell you what I think about this sketchbook: It’s a blank notebook and the cover is made of leather (smells great) but it’s a little bit too hard in use.
Paper is about 80g wich is thin as normal copy paper. So it’s not (copic) bleedproof.
Paper texture feels good and not that cheap.
I like the style of this book and I’ll definitively use this book until the last page, but I personally wouldn’t buy it, because of the thin paper.
I prefer thick paper 🙂
So if you like to look like you’ve got a lot of style you should buy it XD About my sketch: Like always I don’t know what I’m doing :’D
But it feels good to sketch with nothing in your head… go with the flow!!
At the moment I’m again in some sort of traditional japan style… beacause of the game shinobido I’m currently playing… gosh this game is like a drug to me XD muuust plaaaay that gaaaaame.
I love that old traditional japan.
► NOTEBOOK • SenseBook by Transotype
► OUTLINES • GEO College Pigment Liner 0.1 (cheap alternative to copic multiliner, which is suitable with copic!)
► COPIC CIAO • YR23 Yellow Ochre • E71 Champagne
► MUSIC River Meditation by Audionautix Running Waters by Audionautix
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