How to Draw like Steve Rude, Master Illustrator & Comic Artist (1of2)

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This video came from a crazy coincidence. Me and my brother used to read comic books every weekend as kids. One of the comics we used to buy was Nexus, co-created by legendary illustrator Steve Rude. Mayko, our mum, even made a birthday present by modifying one of his paintings. So when I received an email from Steve Rude 20 years later, it was a surprise to say the least!

He has a wonderful, classic style. This video is about his illustration process, his colour schemes and other insights into how he creates his artwork – both for comic books and for fine art.

He also does a lot of life drawing, use of references, and fills sketchbooks with studies and practice.

If you’d like to read Steve’s full set of answers to my questions, go to

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