Digital illustration tutorial | Step by step guide on how I do it

Hi! So I was thinking about whether or not I should edit and post this video with this illustration that I made earlier but I thought why not, I already had the footage.

A lot of people are asking me for the tutorials on how I make my illustrations and at this point, even when it’s intuitive for me, I think I have “my method” that I can share.

I started to post little galleries on my Instagram with step by step pictures (as well as on Behance and sometimes on Tumblr) but I think a video is a little bit helpful for the people who want to try something else 🙂

• Photoshop CS6
• Wacom One
• MG brushes (mostly pastel set)
• Kyle T Webster brushes (mostly gouache set)
• (mainly I use 4 brushes on the top of my tools list)


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