How to Draw Foreshortened Figures Tutorial (1 of 3)

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Part 2 of this series, which is about 3 techniques to deal with foreshortening, is here:

Foreshortening can be intimidating. In this series of tutorials, we are hoping to make it into a positive thing for you – something that can add drama to your drawings, rather than ruining them.

In this first part, we talk about why foreshortening makes drawing harder, and how we can shift our mindset in order to better deal with it. This is one of the most important steps in conquering the foreshortening challenge.

We then introduce techniques when dealing with a foreshortened pose, which we will go into further in the next tutorial. Getting used to foreshortening is a long-term process. The mental shift that we describe in this video is the first step.

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We used Croquis Cafe photos for this video – thank you to them as always!

There’s a useful article by Daniel Maidman on this topic which you can find here:

Music: Birds in Flight by Dan Lebowitz, Morning Mandolin by Chris Haugen, Campfire Song by Chris Haugen


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