How to draw balanced poses in 4 minutes

I received some comments regarding the drawing of the human poses in fashion illustration.

In fact, it is very simple. No matter what you draw, start with the axes. They will let you draw the desired position of the body and If you make a mistake, you will be easilyable to erase the axes. There is no need to get to the shapes and shading or costume, before
establishing the position of the body.

You can learn by heart some basic poses and after that, all you have to do is to observe the poses in the fashion magazines. They will inspire you to draw many other fashion sketches.

For the beginners, I will propose today some simple, basic positions that anyone can follow.
Basically, you can play with the axes of the legs and then arms.

Draw the heads and then the axes of the shoulder. In my first drawing the shoulder axis goes down, this means the hip will go up. In the second draw the axes are parallel and in the third drawing the shoulder axis will go up, this means the hip axis will go down.

In short, play with the position of the shoulder axes and suddenly you will obtain 3 fashion poses.

The arms can be parallel with the body or bend.Regarding the legs, once you established which leg will support all the body weight, you can play with the other leg as you want, as you can see there are at least 3 variants.

Let’s go to the second figure. Here the weight of the body is split into two. Both legs are supporting the weight now. About the legs position, there is not much to say, so, for this pose, you can experiment with different arm positions as you can see in my drawing.
After drawing the axes, sure, get to the second and thrid step: primary shapes and connetcions between the shapes. For more about these steps, just see my other videos.

Regarding the last sketch, see how similar is this one, with the first sketch. In fact, it is exactly the same position, just that it is reflected. Now the weight is supported by the leg from the right, this means that the other leg can have any position. Also, the arms can be bend or parallel with the body.

Like always, after drawing the axes, do the shapes and then the anatomy and that’s it.

With exercise, you will have more than 7 different positions and many other poses, if you take into consideration all the combinations between the
arms and the legs.

Happy new year and all the best in 2015.


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