Egg Tempera – How to Create A Byzantine Icon step by step

Excerpt of “To Write an Icon – How to Create A Traditional Byzantine Icon (DVD) – A step by step Iconography video-course (6-disc set).”

This step-by-step instructional course shows the process of creating traditional Byzantine icons from the preparation of the wood panel, through the gesso process, gilding, egg-tempera painting to the preservation of the icon. Learn not only the technique but also the theological implications of every step of the process.

Delve into the spirituality of the iconographer with Hieromonk Damian (a renowned iconographer who travels through North America painting churches and teaching the ancient art of iconography).

An invaluable tool for students of art and iconography.

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Length: Six hours (6-disc set)
Format: DVD

Language: English
Publisher: The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (1992, 2010)


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