How To Become A Full Time Artist

How to Become a Full time Artist – 7 Steps

If learning how to become a full time artist is your goal then I congratulate you! You have identified that you have a talent or skill and do not want it to go to waste. A lot of people never make it to this step – finding out what it means to become an artist or learning how to make money as an artist.

This video covers the 4 types of aspiring artist. There are usually people who want to transition from a 9 to 5 and create art as a business full time instead of part-time, people who want to become a full time artist entrepreneur but have no experience in this area, people who want to land an art job and do not want to start their own art business at this point, and finally there are people who are just interested in creating passive income ( maybe unrelated to art altogether) so that they have the time to make art or go back to school to hone their craft.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, this video will give you steps to follow on how to become a full time artist.

Skip ahead to find the relevant information to you as an artist or creative

3:07 – group #1/ I want to transition from my 9 to 5 job and make money as a full-time artist instead of just on the weekends – Your main goal is to sell art

8:27 – group #2/ I want to become an artist entrepreneur…meaning that a becoming a full-time artist is so important to you that you will do what it takes to start well. That means honing your craft, possible setting up an LLC (see link at bottom), and learning how to sell art. Knowing how to make money as an artist is one thing…and knowing how to become a full time artist and make a living from art is an entirely different picture. It does require a burning desire and a specific skill set.

10:40 – group #3/ I want a job in art, design or entertainment. You want to make a living from art…but you are more interested in becoming employed by a company. You are less interested in art work from home jobs and more interested in a professional artist 9 to 5. There are millions of jobs each year in art and design, you just have to prepare yourself by thinking about what education is required to fill that professional, full-time artist job and how to stay on top of your talent as a professional artist. My advice to you is to never stop learning!! 🙂

13:26 – group #4/ I hate my job, but I need the money – therefore I need passive income so that I can survive and concentrate on my art. Wow, this group of people are great…because they have massive drive most of the time. They want to have a successful art business or make a living from art, but they know that their soul sucking 9 to 5 job will not give them enough creative energy or time to do it. They want to know how to become a full time artist without doing something that they hate in order to earn money. They just need to know how to make money (preferably make money from home online) so they can pay bills and live off of while they concentrate on their art. This is a bold move and so rewarding in the end.

No matter what category you see yourself in, I want to remind you of one of my favorite Tim Olsen quotes: “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do”. Are you willing to do whatever it takes in order to become a full-time artist?

Once you watch this video there are a few details that you are going to want to make sure you understand. These include marketing art and how to make money as an artist online. I go into these details in the link at the top of the page.

To watch the replay of How To Become A Full Time Artist on my blog post go here:

If you are serious about learning how to start an art business and want to start an LLC, here is a link to help you better understand the process. This is actually super helpful for any artist entrepreneur.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below. I seriously want to see you win and I know it’s not always an easy road when trying to navigate how to become a full time artist. Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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