Drawing on Public Transit – Drawing Tips

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In this video I shares the exercises I have found to be the most helpful in building in getting better at drawing whether it be drawing heads, faces or the full figure clothed or naked. This information can help people who are into all types of drawing from manga/ anime, figure drawing, animation, life drawing, architectural drafting to graffiti or caricature and more. I this video Dawood draws from life with a ballpoint pen and no erasing. Enjoy, I hope you learn something and thanks for view!
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“Forbs The Gnome” asked: “hey I noticed you sketch in this video with my favorite ball point of all time. But they dont make them anymore. I’m curious if you have a new favorite pen these days because I might like it too?”

Thanks for your question “Forbs The Gnome.” Right now I have too favorite drawing pens

Pentel R.S.V.P. Razzle-Dazzle Ballpoint Pen, Medium Line, Black Ink


BIC Velocity Bold Ball Pen, 1.6mm, Black, 12ct (VLGB11-Blk)

I’m actually using the RSVP much more then the BIC Velocity lately. The RSVP comes in really fun colors like bright red and orange (black ink). I really like the BIC Velocity because it has a 1.6 point which is the boldest I’ve seen in ballpoints. The BIC Velocity flows smooth and creamy across the page, where as the Pentel RSVP (they advertise it as a “Med” – I assume this means 1.4 point) is not as bold however allows me to achieve finer details. I suggest trying both of them to see which one you like best. I carry both with me for which ever mood I’m in.

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