Digital Color – How to Start in Digital Art – Tutorial

Welcome Students! To a Brand-new class from Cyan Orange Academy!

With this new chapter, we are closing our first group of tutorials. In this video we will show you a short introduction to digital color, for those that want to start exploring color in digital media.
What is the difference between RGB and CMYK? How to understand better color in digital media? And what are “blending modes”?

We hope you enjoy our last tutorial of this first series, and don’t forget to do the homework!

1- RGB vs CMYK – Color Modes — 0:17
————–The 3 paradigms of Color:
2 – HUE ———— 1:13
3 – SATURATION —- 1:24
4 – BRIGHTNESS ————- 1:36
5 – Blending Modes – 1:53.
– Color – 2:16
– Overlay – 2:41
– Multiply – 3:07
– Color Doge – 3:50
6 – Homework — 4:47

For today homework, the challenge is to add color to the illustration that we are leaving here: Use all the blending modes and the basic concept of color that we talk in the video, so you can give life to Tina.

Homework Illustration —)

Leave your homework here —-)

We hope you learn something today and enjoy being creative.

Don’t stop drawing!

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