Daily Creative Habits

Could you use a daily creative habit in your life?
Getting Started with Sketchnoting (Free Download): http://geni.us/Wo6w
Show notes for this video: http://geni.us/qyONs

My name is Doug Neill and I’m passionate about creativity. I teach a skill called sketchnoting (also known as visual note-taking and graphic recording), which for me is a gateway to doing better work. Check out the resources below for more info.

** Resources **

An Introduction To Visual Note-Taking: http://geni.us/DFJw0
Sketchnoting In The Classroom: http://geni.us/0jlmV
How To Make Sketchnote Videos: http://geni.us/uzXlBq
Learn In Public: http://geni.us/SdNM9
The Verbal To Visual Community: http://geni.us/tyI2N8a


Facebook: http://geni.us/y12DR
Instagram: http://geni.us/5z1bT7a
Twitter: http://geni.us/KwC9yL


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