Creative License-Plein Air Memphis

It’s a style of painting that became all the rage with many Impressionist artists in the late 1800s.

“En plein air” is a French term that means “in the open air”…painting directly from nature, where changes in light and scenery force the artist to work quickly and with great focus.

These days plein air painting is once again the rage, as artists rediscover the joys and challenges of immersing themselves in an environment and then sharing that experience with us by way of paint and canvass.

From Creative License Show 211. Visit our website at to learn more.

Creative License is a series of shows about the arts, artists, and art education across Tennessee.

Told in magazine style format, this program features stories about the unique people and personalities who create the arts. We focus greatly on how art changes the lives of people – those who create it and those whom it inspires.

Creative License is produced by TRC Media, in partnership with the Tennessee Arts Commission.

TRC Media is the television production arm of The Renaissance Center, a non-profit education facility dedicated to the fine arts and music. To find out more, visit


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