CLASSICAL OIL PAINTING TECHNIQUE | Selective Render Stage (Completed)

In today’s episode we will conclude the last stage of Yupari’s Classical Technique: The Selective Stage.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you again very soon!

Materials used in this video are listed below. There are also Amazon affiliate links so you can purchase materials. Clicking on them and purchasing contributes a small amount to me. Thank you!

Oil Paints:

Winsor & Newton- Titanium White
Williamsburg- Flake White
Winsor & Newton- Burnt Umber
Winsor & Newton- Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Winsor & Newton- Cadmium Red Medium
Gamblin – Cadmium Orange
Gamblin- Yellow Ochre
Gamblin- Cadmium Green
Winsor & Newton-Sap Green
Gamblin – Cobalt Teal
Winsor & Newton- Ultramarine Blue
Winsor & Newton- Ivory Black

Odorless mineral spirits – Mona Lisa Brand
Medium: Neo Megilp Medium – Gamblin Brand

Canvas: 11×14” Cotton Canvas

Brushes Used:
Princeton Summit 2 Round 6100R
Master’s Touch Bristles (variety of sizes)
Master’s Touch Fan brush
Master’s Touch size 1 round (tiny brush)

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