Caravaggio painting technique 1 of 6, oil painting demo

This is the first of this new series about making a copy of this Caravaggio painting, Boy bitten by a lizard.
I feel I can learn to paint using his technique only by trying it and seeing if it works for me. This is not a definitive version of Caravaggio’s method, but by having a go I have improved how I paint my own pictures in oils.

It would have been lovely to spend time watching him work in person, but as my time machine is still in the shed I am doing my own detective work and trying to unpick his method.

Picasso said you can’t teach technique, and he was a genius so you can’t argue with that! I find that actually painting is the only way I’ll ever improve my paintings. We get to our destination by working, and learning as we go. Please let me know what you think.


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