Avengers: Endgame Thanos. Sculpting in clay tutorial "Avengers"

Very soon the movie Avengers Endgame is coming out in cinemas. Naturally one of the main characters will be Thanos. We all fell in love with this charismatic character at first sight and look forward to meeting him. I decided to sculpt from clay Thanos, in moment, when he decided again fight with the Avengers.

He sat quietly in his imaginary….or not imaginary…farm and led a measured life. But he needs to get ready for battle again. It is necessary to change comfortable, canvas clothes for heavy armor. He needs to wear his helmet and go to the final battle.

I tried to make the process of modeling this action figure is not bored you, was dynamic and fun. Just do not forget to watch the video until the end. I came up with a “show” or a heading in which I will destroy the sculptures made in the traditional way, for the entertainment of subscribers.

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