ISAC Campus sculpture workshop

ISAC is a company which has created a worldwide University-Interscholastic Project whose
objective is to promote, nurture and appreciate the world of Marble Sculpting and its artistic
expression to everyone.
The ISAC organization has a young and dynamic staff whose goal is to integrate the Tuscan and Italian cultural history with the modern school system of the city of Carrara. This is an opportunity for students and people who want to learn the antique Art of Sculpture whatever the reason: for study purposes, professional applications, personal expression or even for plain curiosity.
One of our goals is to make you fall in love with the Art of Classical Sculpture, the one that clears the clouds of the antique ‘Chaos’ with the birth of the Greek Anthropomorphism, the one that expresses artistic elegance from the monuments of the ancient Rome to those of this day, passing through the Renaissance and all of the Artists who left their legacy of artwork of enormous value.
From the long list of famous artists that have lived and walked the lands and mountains of Carrara, we have chosen ”Messer Michelangiolo” (Michelangelo) to name our workshop. This was a
natural choice considering that the story of his life represents an extraordinary artistic example for all, and in particular, for those of you who choose to take this opportunity to express your artistic dimension in the field of marble, with the assistance of a top-level organization.
Your experience will be our priority. You will obtain knowledge of the Italian language, learn about the culture and everyday life of a relatively small city yet with a well known name and history. You will visit world famous cities and locations with the help of the know-how possessed by our organization and collaborators.
You will learn the basics of an Art that could become a future profession, receiving acknowledgment of the work done. You will build up new relationships with people of all sorts, but all having the same interests and objectives. All of this with the guidance and professionalism of our organization at your service 24 hours a day throughout your stay.
Your experience in the research, study and practice of modelling and sculpting will be a personal and professional enrichment to take home with you.


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