Clay Sculpting: Female Portrait | Pt 6 – Johanna Schwaiger

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In the final installment of Johanna Schwaiger’s first series at New Masters Academy, she makes decisions about the composition of the portrait. She sculpts a distinct set of plane changes at the sternum to distinguish the anatomy from the classical bust structure.

The neck muscles and trapezium is sculpted, the eyes finished, and the brows laid above the eyes.

Be on the lookout for more sculpting instruction from Johanna Schwaiger in the future!

World-renowned sculptor Johanna Schwaiger joins New Masters Academy, bringing with her over 20 years experience of teaching and producing figurative and portrait sculpture.

Her storied career includes years of sculptural and art history studies in Florence and Paris, private and public commissions in bronze and stone, and instructive and exhibitive experience in New York and Austria.

Among other accolades, Johanna was selected as one of forty sculptors to create the largest Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Mumbai, India.

Her devotion to the realistic representation of the natural human form is further amplified by her adoption of modern computer-assisted workflows.


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