An Epic Story of Art Progression

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This is an adventure story – maybe much like yours.

We’ve talked before about learning to draw being an adventurous journey. Thinking of it this way is really important because you give yourself the chance to go through struggles and time to build up your artistic skills.

I started out with a normal video about making a schedule for what you need to cover each month to progress. But everyone is at a different stage and on a different path, so it was impossible to say what everyone should do.

The main message was to give yourself time in each place, rather than feeling you need to be good at everything at once, and that turned into this big adventure! I wrote it out with some experiences I think you may well go through – revisiting anatomy again and again, doing complicated shading and then realising how simplicity in the shapes is the key, finding gesture to be deceptively difficult!

I hope you like it, something a bit different! Figuary is coming, so be sure to sign up to our newsletter above.

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