Acrylic Painting: Misty River Landscape Tutorial

Get ready to create a stunning acrylic painting with this tutorial! 

In today’s acrylic landscape painting tutorial we paint a misty river scene with light rays shining through the forest’s trees. This relaxing painting tutorial is completed for the most part in real time and will cover the step by step process of how to paint mist, light, trees, reflections, moving water, moss on rocks, the outdoors and a calm spring forest landscape.

For assistance with the drawing process or color mixing process you can find the traceable and reference photo here:

My eBook on the essentials of acrylic painting & my eBooks full of traceables can be found here:

Facebook group, traceables, extended lessons, ebooks and one on one critiques:

Public Facebook page:

Acrylic Paints:
Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue , Naples Yellow, Cadmium Red Medium Hue, Sap Green, Burnt Umber, Mars Black, Titanium White

1” flat headed brush

1/2” flat headed brush (medium of soft bristles)
1/2” flat headed brush (hard bristles)

1/3″ filbert brush

1/3″ round pointed brush
A small liner brush

A soft fan brush

Other Materials:9X12 inch canvas, A small dish for water, Paper towel for excess paint

Have fun and stay creative!


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