A Simple Approach to Composition – by Brandon Dayton

A walk-through of my approach to composition.

I start with silhouette and discuss how to create focus on the most important parts of an image.

I also discuss how to use framing, contrast and unification.

More on learning to draw: http://brandondayton.com/2010/01/6-tips-to-get-better-at-drawing/

I tried to credit the creators of images where I could, in order of mention in the presentation.

Please let me know if you know the creators of any of these that haven’t been credited.

image from “Amelie” — Jean-Pierre Jeunet
image from “The Royal Tennenbaums” — Wes Anderson
guy sitting on rock — unknown
illustration from “The Black Arrow” — N.C. Wyeth
samurai image — unknown
concept for “The Banner Saga” — Arnie Jorgensen https://www.videogamesartwork.com/artists/arnie-jorgensen
poster for “The Divine” — Tomer Hanuka http://thanuka.com/
The Death Dealer V — Frank Frazetta http://frankfrazetta.org/
Muad’Dib summons The Great Maker — Sam Weber http://sampaints.com/
Illustration from “The Adventures of Abdi” — Olga Dugina and Andrej Dugin http://duginart.com/
image from “Mad Max Fury Road” — George Miller
image from “Lawrence of Arabia” — David Lean
image from “Mad Max Fury Road” — George Miller
image of trees — unknown
image from “The Empire Strikes Back” — Irvin Kershner
image from “Barry Lyndon” — Stanley Kubrick
image from “Oblivion” — Joseph Kosinski
Batman 2000 — Brandon Dayton
image from “Metropolis” — Fritz Lang
untitled western image — Kai Carpenter http://www.kaicarpenterart.com/
image from “The Graduate” — Mike Nichols
Illustration from “Treasure Island” — Frank Godwin (NOT Gordon) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Godwin
X-Women — Gerald Parel http://aldgerrelpa.deviantart.com/
image from “The Empire Strikes Back” — Irvin Kershner
Disney Infinity promo illustration — Brandon Dayton and Ben Simonsen http://bsills.blogspot.com/
Battle of the 5 Armies #1 (I said “3 armies” in the video!) — Justin Gerard http://www.gallerygerard.com/

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