Digital Painting – Composition, Lighting and Color – Part II: Making an image more interesting

Few tips and hints on how to make an environment and illustration look more interesting, specially when world building.

This video is aimed at people that already have a few basics of Digital Art, mainly Illustration, Landscape design and Concept Art.

After 5 months I finally did a new narrated video!!! So sorry it took me this long, but now I’m back to Youtube! Hopefully for longer than last time haha

I really need to find a better mic to record my voice. I mean seriously, I only need to move a bit and this thing gets every single background noise… sigh Oh and yeah. That plane… what the hell xD

Anyway, apart from those background noises, I really hope you enjoyed this video and hopefully I was able to pass my message along in a good way.

Also, here’s the link to the futuristic city artwork that I talk about in the video:

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~ Filipe

Art by me (Filipe Pinto)


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