Charcoal Drawing Tutorial PREVIEW – Seated Figure-Michelle

Steve Carpenter Method is a great tool for advancing your skill in charcoal figure drawing. Steve Carpenter offers many techniques, shortcuts and insights that he discovered over his lifetime career as as a painter, learning from amazing techniques that Old Masters gave us through their drawings and paintings. Practicing these charcoal drawing techniques one by one and in combination will allow students to advance the quality of their charcoal drawings to a next level of artistic quality.

In this charcoal drawing demonstration Steve Carpenter covers all aspects of charcoal figure drawing. From the basic composition to finishing details Steve provides techniques for addressing each stage of the process. Learn to use line, value, and edge to create form; create context and meaning with a minimum of information; understand the basics of portraiture and more.

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Steve Carpenter Art Center offers instruction by Steve Carpenter in Charcoal Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting.

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