Winged Wraith acrylic painting technique by fantasy artist Jeff Miracola

Here’s a little peek at one of my acrylic painting techniques. If you have questions and want me to elaborate on the techniques you see in this video, just post them to the comments section and I’ll gladly respond.

Materials used:
Crescent 110 Cold Press illustration board.
Gesso applied with a foam brush.
Ebony pencil to coat the back of photocopy for transfer.
Ball point pen to draw over photocopy to transfer image to board.
Grubby water cup (the dirtier the better)
Liquitex acrylic paints.
Old CD case for palette (if you own CDs anymore. If not, use an old iPod – just kidding)
Loew-Cornell acrylic brushes.
Toothbrush to make spatter effects (try not to brush your teeth with it anymore).
Blair Clear Acrylic Sealer spray (gloss) to seal and even out all colors and add richness. I also use Krylon brand.

“Hey-Yo” royalty-free music from (Footage Firm, Inc.)


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