14 – Illustration Techniques Part 1 of 2

Learn how to create stunning vector illustrations by starting with an original hand-drawn sketch. Then, watch how some of CorelDRAW’s most powerful features such as PowerTRACE, the Object Manager docker, the Artistic Media tool, the Bézier tool, the Transparency tool, and the Fill tool are used to achieve unique results.

To view captions when watching a video, click the “CC” button on the video toolbar and select the desired language (English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, Italiano, Español, Português). For optimized settings, click the “Settings…” option, then click the “Background” button and change the foreground color to white and the background colour to black. Click the “+/-” buttons to change the text size

Please watch: “CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 – Video Tour”


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