What do I Charge for My Comic Art and Why?? VIDEO

In this video, I talk to you about what I charge for my Comic Art!

I also talk about what I have charged for Storyboards, Commissions, Caricatures, and Graphic Design.

Over the years I have used various art forms to help create income so that I can keep drawing comics.

I truly hope this video helps any artists that are trying to figure out how to make a living to continue doing what they love!

Please comment below and let others know what ways you have created success in comics or other art forms. I would love to see what you have to offer. Please LIKE – SHARE – SUBSCRIBE for new videos each week! 😉

This Video was in response to requests from this previous video I created, “How to Make Money with Your Digital Art – 5 Ways.”
Link – https://youtu.be/LSMAGjAqGiA

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics


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