Advice on Selling Art Commissions (Everything you’d Need to Know to get Started)

Want to get started selling art commissions online? Today’s video contains way too much information regarding selling art commissions. These are the practices I used when I used to sell, years ago. There are many ways to go about selling your artwork, this is just one of them. 🙂

Next week’s video will be about finding your price range for commissions!

This is also a “Draw this Again” art challenge! I made the first version 7 years ago digitally. Because I loved the original so much I decided to redo it traditionally and see if I could improve upon it.

Materials Used:
Kuretake Gansai Tambi
Arches Hot Press Watercolor Block
Prismacolor Verithin
Molotow Masking Fluid Marker

Larger Finished Image: –

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