Transformers & Robots Teaching Myself to Draw Mechs

I’ve never been great at drawing any kind of robotic creature or being. Transformers, Mechs, cyborgs, even Iron Man suits give me problems sometimes. And after my Inktober in a day videos did such a good job getting me out of my funk of only doing digital art, I figured I should do a video drawing a bunch of robots to get me more comfortable drawing them too!

So in this episode I do a lot of robotic, mech, transformers style stuff. I also take a lot of inspiration from art books from Starcraft 2, ChasingArtwork’s robot designs, Alex Milne’s Transformers art and the art for Transformers Fall of Cybertron.

Here is ChasingArtwork’s Instagram:

Plus I throw in a bit of Power Rangers art because that’s been requested a bunch lately. So hopefully this is entertaining and you also learn a little something about how to draw transformers, mechs and robots!

Also I work both traditionally and digitally in this episode.

To Submit to a PopCross Community Redraw (Which has a different theme each month usually announced at the end of the previous months Community Redraw episode) You can either send art to the Characters-for-Pop channel in the Discord linked below
Or send it by email to [email protected]

Also I put a lot of my art on instagram, sometimes stuff I don’t show on the channel so check it out:

Anyway, Don’t know what your fascination is with reading the description, but your still here I guess! So Here are some links to my favourite episodes of this channel!

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